ShortCode Parameters

  1. skin This plugin support 4 unique skin variation. Accepted value: default, one, two, three. Default: default
  2. number_of_member Number of team members to show. Accepted value: Any number. Default: 4
  3. column setting. Accepted value: 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 Default: 4
  4. excerpt_length How many words to show in description? Default: 20
  5. orderby Team members orderby. Accepted value: date, menu_order, title, ID, modified, rand. Etc. Default: date
  6. order Team members order. Accepted value: ASC, DESC. Default: DESC
  7. member_categoriesTeam member’s category id. Accepted value: comma separated members category ids.
  8. x_classIf you want to change something by adding a custom-class.
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