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Post Slider or Grid

In this addon, you can add your post, products or any kind of post type in grid or slider style. Here you can find a huge option to customize each and every element as you want. The options of WPB EA Posts is given below:


1. If you select Slider option form Content Type > Slider. Than here you will find an option named Carousel Settings. All the slider options like Loop, Autoplay, Navigation, Pagination etc. are set in Carousel Settings.
2. Responsive Options: Here you can change the option of columns for various device like desktop, tablet, mobile etc.


In this tab, there is a huge option to change the style of the post items. You can change the color, font-size, margin, padding, background-color, typography etc. as you want.

The Front End of the WPB EA Posts is given below:

The frontend link of the addon is: WPB EA Posts

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