Show Quote Button in Divi/ Elementor Pro

A few of page builder like Divi and Elementor Pro has option for customizing the product page. In that can the our quote button will not shown on the product page automatically. By default we are using WooCommerce hook to show our button. When you are using a page builder the hooks are not available. So we have added an option to show the button on the builder.

For The Free Version Users

If you using our free version of the plugin, all you have to do it add the following PHP code on your theme or child theme functions.php and after that add our quote button shortcode on your page builder where you want to show the button.

add_filter( 'wpb_gqb_woo_single_position', function(){
	return 'wpb_gqb_quote_button_hook';
} );

add_shortcode( 'wpb-quote-button-hook', function(){
	do_action( 'wpb_gqb_quote_button_hook' );
	return ob_get_clean();
} );

The ShortCode


For The Premium Version users

If you are using the premium version of this plugin, you may already know it has a button shortcode generator. And when you add a new shortcode there is an option to choose the hook. The button will be shown on that selected hook. Here you have to select the “wpb_gqb_quote_button_hook” hook.

After that you can add our quote button hook shortcode on your page builder.

The ShortCode


Showing The Button on Elementor Pro

If you are using the premium version of this plugin also the Elementor Pro, then you can use our Elementor Hook Widget to show the button in the product template builder.

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