ShortCode Parameters

Our popup button, ShortCode, accepts multiple parameters to customize it. Here is a list of all the parameters. If no parameter is added to the ShortCode, the plugin settings will apply to it by default.

  1. id
    The contact form ID is to be shown in the popup. The ID can be found in the Contact Form 7 ShortCode.
  2. class
    The CSS class for the button, in case you want to add your class.
  3. text
    The button text.
  4. btn_size
    The button size. Default: large. Options: small, medium, large
  5. form_style
    Enable the form style. Default: on. Options: on, off.
  6. width
    The popup width. Default: 500px.

Here is the complete ShortCode

[wpb-pcf-button id="413" text="Leave a Message" btn_size="large" form_style="on" width="500px"]
The Contact Form 7 form ID

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